Marriott Marquis, Atlanta, GA
March 19- 21st

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Marriott Marquis, Atlanta, GA
March 19 -21st 2017

Why is My Pass Free

We've all heard the saying “there is no such thing as a free lunch”, so why am I being offered 2 free lunches plus dinner, breakfasts, drinks receptions, hotel accommodation, $300 flight reimbursement* and Full Access Conference Pass? And if I accept, what is expected of me in return?

* Flight Reimbursement is limited to two per company for the first 200 Delegate Attendees to Register outside a 100 mile radius from the event. The reimbursement will be $300 irrespective of the cost of the travel, whether over or under $300. You will receive a personal check at the end of the event after you have completed your schedule of targeted meetings with solution providers.    

Why is my VIP Conference Pass free?

The reason why we can cover the cost of VIP Passes for qualified attendees relates to the element of the program where we coordinate targeted research meetings with exhibitors. For exhibitors this presents a much more effective route to connect with potential partners than a traditional trade show or conference and as such they are prepared to pay a premium for exhibiting. We then essentially pass this premium on by covering the cost of the VIP Passes for qualified attendees.

The good news all round is that the targeted appointments are also perceived as one of the most valuable elements of the program by attendees. (Don't just take our word for it, check out over 50 written comments regarding the appointment system from past attendees below.)  It's a genuine win - win for both exhibitors and attendees. We only connect you with suppliers of solutions in which you have an active interest in researching. You'll be met by a senior level executive who has taken time to prepare pertinent information, relevant to your company and areas of interest. You have a relaxed informal discussion to understand what they have to offer and if their technology might work for your unique needs. It is without doubt the most time efficient medium to research and understand what cutting edge technology is potentially available to help optimize your operations.

So what exactly is expected from me?

Each Track has 2, 2 hour time blocks spread out over the day and a half of the educational program, where we can connect you with up to 10 different exhibitors in the Exhibit Hall for a 25 minute meeting. This reflects about 25% of the Educational Program as a whole, with the remaining 75% being made up of Keynote Presentations, Plenary Presentations, Case Studies and Round Table Discussions.

We only want to connect you with exhibitors who are potentially a good fit to make each meeting as beneficial as possible to both you and the exhibitor. As such, we give you the option to select which exhibitors you would most like to meet when registering. We also encourage you to provide as much detail as possible in terms of what solutions you have an active interest in researching, what your top projects and initiatives for the year are and a brief profile of your organization. Based on this detailed information the scheduling team will connect you with a diverse mixture of industry leading solution providers that are experts in your specific areas of interest. It is simple, straight forward and effective.

If you have any reservations about this model, check out the written comments from past attendees below or feel free to contact Christina Pilo, Attendee Relations Manager at (424) 334-5142 with questions or to understand more. If you have no interest in researching solutions, or do not wish to participate in structured meetings then you can inquire about an Educator Pass for $1400.